A white fence in the middle of a yard.

PVC or Vinyl?

There are many kinds of materials that make up your home’s hardware. From bathtubs to fencing, you get to choose from long lasting materials that don’t have to be costly. Two popular options that are low maintenance and inexpensive are PVC and vinyl. PVC and vinyl may look and act the same but are actually quite different depending on their usage. When it comes time to decide which privacy fence option will suit your home, you have a few solid options. A PVC or vinyl privacy fence Vero Beach installation team will provide you with all the information you need before you get started.

Your Home and Your Fence

First things first, you need to decide how your privacy fence will benefit your home. It’s‚ true that solid fences will add value to your home when it comes time to sell. However, poorly placed, old, or broken fences will also play a role in your home’s aesthetics. So, having a fence that will add to the functional and not just aesthetic is ideal, whether you’re selling or not. Before you search for vinyl privacy fence Vero Beach options, first consider what purpose your fence will serve. You’ll want to take a walk around your home and yard, picturing your ideal fence situation. Does it cover all aspects of your yard accordingly? Is it private enough without shading too much of your yard? Does it provide a safe environment for kids and pets to play? Next, consider the style of your home to get an idea of what is appropriate. Picture your home and how it resembles your personal style. Older homes may have ornamental metal fences to bring out their classic features. Modern and contemporary homes may look better with a PVC or vinyl privacy fence. When you picture your home and fence together, are you planning entry and exit points from your fence area?

Your privacy fence should be practical, complementing, and serve a purpose. Once you have the logistics down, you can decide on a color and texture, and then contact a vinyl privacy fence Vero Beach contractor for guidance.

Vinyl vs PVC

As mentioned, vinyl and PVC are close relatives but differ slightly. Vinyl uses ethanol-based compounds while PVC is a polyvinyl chloride that uses polymer compounds. The materials in both of these make for a strong and sturdy fence.

PVC is wonderful because it won’t rot or warp like a wood fence eventually will. It’s easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. This is definitely a stand-up-to-all-weather kind of fencing. You can choose from a lot of different colors and styles of PVC, or you can paint it yourself. PVC fences are simple to install and cost effective.

Much like PVC, vinyl fencing requires a specific type of epoxy base paint, should you choose to paint it. Vinyl fencing adds an exceptional presentation for your back or front yard. It is close in popularity to wood fencing and comes in a variety of styles and textures. It is easy to clean, rot-free, and pretty simple to install, requiring little maintenance.

Which Kind of Privacy Fence is Right for My Home?

With all of the above elements in order, you can easily choose a fence that will be functional and aesthetically pleasing. While PVC and vinyl are on the inexpensive side of fencing, you can opt for any type that fits your needs, style, and budget.

When you’re looking for an exceptional fence for your home, the vinyl privacy fence Vero Beach experts at Adron Fence offer a wide range of designs. From three-rail fences to privacy fencing, these available styles bring a sense of security and luxury to your home. Contact the fence installation experts for your privacy fence today.