A gated driveway with trees in the background.

Options for Eye-Catching Residential Fencing

By the mid-1800s, the white picket fence was a popular notion throughout the country. These property features have only grown in popularity and have even become a requirement for many homeowners. If you’re looking for options for new, eye-catching residential fencing options, have we got some ideas for you?

Consider residential fencing to help climbers

If you love incorporating natural elements and plenty of green into your outdoor spaces, you should consider erecting a fence that climbing plants will love. These walls are designed to look great when plants are in full bloom, and for the short dormant period each year. The possibilities are endless for supporting beautiful climbing flowers or even vegetables on residential fencing built sturdy enough to support them for many growing seasons to come.

Maybe a horizontal fence is your speed

Most often, residential fencing is erected with slats attached vertically to support beams. What if you switched it up and erected a fence that had horizontal slats instead? The look is crisp and modern, depending on the materials used for the project, but it could give your outdoor space a totally different look and boost your curb appeal.

Consider bamboo residential fencing

Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet? Not only is it a sustainable resource for building projects, but it’s also harder than many hardwoods and durable. For those reasons, and more, you should considering utilizing bamboo for your new fence and professionals that build fences can make bamboo fences look pretty cool, too, blending in perfectly to your Zen outdoor space.

Mix it up with wood and metal

Why choose only one material to build your new residential fence with? The fencing industry is brimming with beautiful and durable materials from which to choose. Consult with a fencing professional to learn about how you can combine two or more materials to create a distinct fence design unique to your space.