A gated driveway with trees in the background.

Designer Driveway Gates

As a homeowner, you have a great-looking fence around your property to enhance your curb appeal, keep your family safe, and keep uninvited guests out. If your fence surrounds both your back and front yards, you might want to consider installing one of many driveway gates to enhance your family’s security even further. A new gate would allow you to control who comes onto your property, add more privacy to your space, have a positive impact on your insurance costs, keep unwanted animals out, increase your property value, and infuse your property with a healthy dose of style.

Common materials for driveway gates

There are as many material options for driveway gates as there are for fences around your property. Some of the most common include metal gates, wooden gates, and even gates made from composite materials. If you’re having a tough time choosing by appearance alone, the experts suggest that composite or wood gates work best in locations where privacy is the main concern, and metal gates are most often used for their aesthetic appeal and to enhance security.

Common shapes for driveway gates

Two of the most common shapes for driveway gates include scallops and arches. There are numerous designs available in each shape with subtle or severe curves depending on your preferences. One shape really isn’t any better or more popular than the other; it simply comes down to your aesthetic leanings and which gate you think would look best on your property framing your driveway

Color and decor

If you choose to install a wooden driveway gate, you can choose to stain the wood in almost any color you choose. You will also have the same color flexibility with composite driveway gates. The beauty of this feature on your property, besides keeping your family and belongings safe, is that you can express your designer side in so many ways like utilizing concrete statues, custom-designed stone, or even with a few decorative planters included in the design plan.

Choosing a size for your driveway gate

Your driveway gate’s size will come down to the fencing options you choose and your driveway’s size. This makes installation of gates a difficult job to do yourself, and it’s best to hire a professional crew to get the job done. Determining your gate’s height will be easier and less dependent on the variables in the space.