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The Pros and Cons of Choosing PVC Fencing

Florida fencing has to be tough. It has to withstand serious weather threats and harsh sunlight more than 235 days of the year. A new fence is also a significant investment that you want to ensure sticks around to serve your family for as long as possible. In terms of fencing, you have plenty of materials to choose from for a contractor to use. Here are the pros and cons of choosing PVC fencing.

What is PVC fencing made of?

PVC fencing is made of polyvinyl chloride, a chemical compound used in a host of other building materials like siding and windows. It’s referred to in the industry as PVC or vinyl but do know that when dealers or contractors’ reference either word, they’re talking about the same thing. This building material has plenty of pros that homeowners love, but it also has a few cons that are best to understand going in if you elect to use it as your fencing material of choice.

The pros of PVC fencing

Using PVC for fencing material delivers plenty of advantages to homeowners. It is durable and its low maintenance, two things that are probably music to your ears. Other pros to consider include that manufacturers offer countless options in terms of color and design, its easy to install, it’s resistant to pests like termites, and it typically stands up well to harsh weather. So, if you’re looking for fencing material and those advantages check all the boxes, this might be the right material for you.

The cons of PVC fencing

As a smart homeowner making a wise investment, it’s important to consider the problems that you might experience after the installation of your PVC fence. The fencing material can be susceptible to changes in temperature, but luckily for Florida residents the temps are pretty consistent and predictable. This type of fencing does require skillful installation, so it doesn’t pay to hire a fly-by-night fencing contractor for installation. PVC fencing does come in a wide range of colors, but consider that the darker the color you choose, the more fading you might have to contend with over time.

Other things you should know about PVC fencing

Make sure you’re buying and utilizing the highest quality materials that you can afford. It will have a direct correlation to how long your fence lasts and looks great. Vinyl fencing demands a higher cost up front, but costs less over time to maintain. And be sure to choose a reputable fencing contractor with a solid reputation in the community for delivering high-quality work.