Wooden Fence: How to Choose

wood fence

Wooden Fence: How to Choose

The old saying goes – good fences make good neighbors. These structures offer protection, privacy, and peace of mind, and choosing the best type of fence for your property isn’t an easy decision. If you’re looking to add a fence this year, you’ll want to talk directly with a wooden fence supplier about wood fences and other fences options like these. 

Wooden fence

A wooden fence supplier will tell you that wooden fence types are the best choice for residential purposes. This type of fencing could last 10 years or more with proper maintenance before any significant repairs are required. This type of fence is cost-effective and easy on the household budget, easy to install, offers complete privacy for your backyard, remains durable over the years, and is appealing to look at.  

Vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are another common residential fence type. This material is significantly stronger than wood – up to five times as strong according to experts, and is easily cleaned with a simple hose. Many of these products offer lifetime warranties on the fencing components and offer attractive options in many colors and designs.  

Metal fence

Metal fences are a solid choice for a residential perimeter project. Specifically, aluminum or steel fence types can fortify any property and offer peace of mind that few other fence types can. They aren’t as budget-friendly as vinyl or wood, represent a significant household investment, but will last for 20 years or more after construction with minimal maintenance.  

Chain link fence

Perhaps the most budget-friendly of all fence types is the chain link fence. This type of fence does a great job of keeping things you cherish in your yard, and things that don’t belong out of your yard. But, it doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy and doesn’t offer the same level of aesthetic and curb appeal as other options.

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