What to Know Before Installing a Garden Gate in Florida

A gated entrance to a home with plants growing on it.

What to Know Before Installing a Garden Gate in Florida

Fences make the best neighbors. They create a tranquil and private space within which you can relax and enjoy both your family and the outdoors. These structures can range greatly in design and appearance from utilitarian and functional, to more decorative and elaborate. Gates provide another opportunity to add character and curb appeal too. So if you’re planning on adding a quaint garden gate to your Okeechobee property soon, here are a few things you should consider. 

Check the Rules for Fencing Parameters

The first thing you will want to do before settling on a new garden gate is to check the local building codes for any rules that pertain to fences in your community. If your property is within a neighborhood that has a homeowner’s association, you will want to check those rules too. Building codes and association covenants will shed light on gate designs, placement, heights, and installation requirements. It will be important to know these guidelines before selecting your materials and installing your gate.  

Buy Quality Materials

It’s always tempting to save money everywhere you can when doing home improvements, but it’s much more important to work with quality materials that will last. The last thing any property owner wants to do is to sink money into the same projects year after year. A local fencing company is a great partner in fence and gate projects and can source quality materials at the best prices for you. 

These professionals can also help you to select a garden gate that is both functional and that achieves your desired look. They can also ensure that the gate you choose is made of quality materials and is the perfect size for the fence opening. Many even offer free estimates and can take the heavy lifting of a project like this off of your shoulders. 

Careful Construction and Installation

An experienced Florida fencing company is necessary to install your gate so that it will last. They will know to set the posts for your garden gate well below the frostline to minimize the impact of seasonal ice and snow. They will also know exactly where to attach the hinges so that your gate will hang and swing as it should. 

Your garden gate installation in Okeechobee isn’t a tough project, and you might even think it’s something you could do on your own. But an experienced installer will offer reassurance that the gate is hung correctly and won’t begin to sag in the coming months and years. Call an Okeechobee fence company today for a free estimate and see the difference.

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