Understanding Fence Quotes

A wooden fence is shown with trees in the background.

Understanding Fence Quotes

A solid fence is an important part of your peace of mind as a homeowner. It increases the security of your home and keeps your belongings and your family safer from those with ill intentions. If you’re looking to have a new fence installed, chances are you’ll be getting quotes from multiple installation companies. Here’s how to be sure you understand fence quotes. 

The different pieces of your fence quotes 

Your fence quote will include a lot of important information that will arm you with making the best decision on who you’ll hire to complete the work. It will include the estimated cost of materials and labor, perhaps a diagram of the planned fence footprint, and an estimated time for completion of the project. It might also inform you whether a permit is required for the project is required and whose responsibility securing that permit will be.   

The materials section

Be sure to read through the part of the fence quote that spells out what materials are needed for your planned fence. Ensure that what is written there is exactly what’s required for the fence you hope you have in your yard. You might compare the materials list from one fence quote to another to help your understanding of the materials required.  

Time portion of fence quote

Your fence quotes should also spell out the amount of time the company expects it to take to erect your fence and the number of people it plans to have on hand to get it done. Pay close attention to the portion of the quote across quotes from all companies. If one of them seems a little off in terms of cost or time estimated, that might be a red flag. 

Understanding the legalese

There will probably be a considerable amount of legalese on the quote that you’ll want to be sure you read carefully. These clauses are designed to protect the company in the event something about the project goes off the rails. Read carefully and consider the conditions set forth in the clause before agreeing to hire a company for the job. 

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