Pool Fence Companies Recommend These Fence Types

Pool Fence Companies Recommend These Fence Types

Not only is having a fence around your pool smart, but in many places it’s also required by law. Towns and cities across the country have passed ordinances that require homeowners with pools to erect fences around them to keep vulnerable people off of their property and out of harm’s way. So if you have a new pool, and you’re considering what kind of fence you want, consider these fence types recommended by pool fence companies Stuart Fl. 

Wooden fences

Wooden fences are often one of the most cost effective fencing options. They also provide a degree of privacy that many other fencing types do not. They’re a solid choice for keeping people without an invitation out of your pool area and are regularly suggested by pool fence companies Stuart Fl. The downside is that they do require maintenance and will have to be replaced after 10-15 years.   

Have you ever seen a glass fence?

If money is no object and your budget allows for a splurge, consider installing a glass fence around your pool. Of course, these aren’t your typical dainty-thin window panes of glass. These panes are much thicker and help in place by metal brackets that provide a seamless, safe surround without an obstruction of the view.   

Metal fencing for your pool area

Fencing products are made in many types of metal and steel is one of the most popular. These vary greatly in appearance from a basic chain link fence to a much more sturdy metal paneled fence. The more you spend on the product, the longer it will last around your pool. A high quality steel fence will last more than 20 years without having to be replaced and with little maintenance to boot.   

Vinyl is also a favorite

Of all the types of fencing available on the market, vinyl fencing is one of the best buys for its appearance and durability. You’ll save plenty of money in the long run with this fencing choice which requires very little maintenance to keep looking great for many years. In fact, you might even enjoy the privacy of this fence type for 30 years or more depending on the environmental factors around your home.