Options For Inexpensive Yard Fencing

Options For Inexpensive Yard Fencing

Fencing your yard is a smart investment for your property. Not only will it keep your family, your property, and your pets safe, it also adds plenty of curb appeal to your home. If you’re considering adding an inexpensive yard fence. here are the best, budget-friendly options.

The most inexpensive yard fence

Probably one of the most inexpensive yard fences is the chain link fence. These are everyday fences that incorporate twisted metal expanses attached to metal support poles and that are see-through. While this fence type doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy, it is easy on the budget. Your average chain link fencing project will run from $10-$20 per linear foot of fence that is required to surround your yard. 

Another great option

If privacy is important to you, this next option for yard fences will probably be a better fit than the chain link variety. A treated wood fence isn’t as costly as you might expect. Your average, treated pine fence costs between $12-$19 per linear foot to be installed on your property. That’s roughly the same range as one of the cheapest possible options listed above. 

You can have the white picket fence, too

The white picket fence has been part of Americana for centuries, first gaining popularity in New England and spreading to all points south and west. Depending on the customization and detail of the fence you envision, the white picket can be a reasonable fencing option for your space. Experts suggest that you can expect to spend $5-$10 per linear foot for this option. Smaller numbers than the first two options, but only half of the vertical coverage.  

More expensive fencing options

One of the more expensive fencing options you can choose is wrought iron. But, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. You can reasonably expect your wrought iron fence to last double the lifespan of practically any other fence type and with minimal maintenance. Experts suggest that you can expect to spend between $24-$32 per linear feet to have a wrought iron fence erected on your property. 

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