How to Spot the Best Fencing Company

A person using a drill to attach the top of a fence.

How to Spot the Best Fencing Company

Eyeing a new fence? Many homeowners choose to tackle the job on their own. Others leave the big job up to the pros. If you sound like you belong in the second group, consider these tips for finding the best fence company in Stuart to handle the job for you. 

The best fence companies could be in your neighborhood

A great way to start your search for the best fence companies is to take a walk around your neighborhood. Many companies add a logo badge to their completed fences that show the world who built the structure. You might be lucky enough to spot one of these badges, and perhaps even have a conversation with your neighbors about their fence project and the company that completed it.   

Be sure to get several estimates

When considering any large home improvement projects, it’s always wise to collect several estimates before choosing a company to work with. Having a fence built is a decent size project. If you can identify at least three of the best fence companies, have them all formulate a project quote for you to consider.   

Be sure to ask all the right questions

It’s important when searching for the best fence companies to know what questions to ask. For example: be sure to ask if the fence company will pull permits for the job or if you’ll need to. Will the company handle locating underground utilities or will you need to? Also be sure to ask about project timeline, and any variations in fence height that might be required to accommodate the slope of your yard.   

Prepare for the best fence companies to get to work

Once you’ve selected which company to work with, you can turn your attention to preparing for the installation. It helps to go out into your yard and move any obstacles that might get in the crews way. You can also expect for a visit from the utility locator who will have to come onto your property. It’s also a good idea to have a chat with your neighbors so that they know to expect a construction zone nearby for a short time.

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