How to Read Your Quote From Commercial Fence Contractors

A chain link fence with grass in the background.

How to Read Your Quote From Commercial Fence Contractors

Are you planning a fencing project in the near future? If so, you’ll want to get a number of quotes from area fencing companies to be sure you find the best one to work with. When the quotes roll in, you’ll need to understand what they include and how to compare them to one another. So, here’s what you can expect from your commercial fence contractors. 

Make sure there is a clear scope of work on your fence quote

Your quote from a commercial fence contractor should include a detailed scope of work laying out the entire project in easy-to-understand language. It’s important that you communicate with the fencing company so that they understand what the scope of work is that you expect. Be sure that the scope of work you explained during the company’s visit to your home matches what’s described in the quote that they submitted. 

Measurements, materials, and labor costs

Your fence quotes will also include a measurement of the entire fence project which should be something else you go over in detail when the company visits your home. It will also include costs for materials and labor which will make up the lion’s share of the quote. Hopefully the fence company that prepared the quote factored in all materials that will be needed and correctly totaled their labor costs for the job.   

Projected total for your fence quote

The bottom line on your fence quote will be the total of all measurements, materials, labor, and overhead costs that a contractor believes are required to complete the job you asked for. You’ll want to make sure each quote you get estimates roughly the same in terms of measurements and materials. If any company is way far off, that’s a red flag to drop them from consideration. You also shouldn’t automatically go with the lowest bid, and instead consider the quality of the work, the reputation of the company, and with whom you felt most comfortable discussing the project. 

An estimated time frame on the project

One last key piece of information on your fence quote Vero Beach is the estimated time frame on the project. Not all companies will provide one, but it’s nice when they do. This helps to manage your expectation for how long your life will be interrupted by the fence construction project. 

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