How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

How Long Does a Wood Fence Last?

If you’re thinking about getting wood fencing, you might be curious how long they last. The truth is, despite its amazing qualities, wooden fences require a little more maintenance and longevity than other types of fencing, such as vinyl, aluminum, or chain links.

But it’s absolutely worthwhile. Nothing compares to fencing made of natural wood. It lends any home an almost enigmatic quality of beauty and is sophisticated, timeless, and exquisite.

Life Expectancy of Wooden Fence

To know how long does a wood fence last, just learn that they simply don’t endure as long as they might in regions that are less humid here in the wet, windy, and wintery Pacific Northwest.

A well-constructed wooden fence can last up to 20 years or more in good condition when properly maintained, which includes replacing individual planks and boards as needed.

However, there is that compromise, as mentioned: Regular maintenance is necessary for a wood fence; else, it would decay.

Wood is not likely to be as robust or survive as long as other types of fencing, including vinyl fencing. Over time, especially during prolonged periods of bad weather, wood fences are susceptible to decay, warping, sagging, and cracking. Insect infestations are a possibility with wooden fences as well.

How to Increase the Life Span of Wooden Fencing?

Wooden fences are popular because of their ability to resist rust. They are available in numerous varieties of wood as well. Due to their continual contact with the ground and exposure to moisture and insects, fence posts should be pressure treated. Since the fence’s boards are above ground, they don’t require pressure treatment. When wood is pressure-treated, chemicals are used to prevent water and insects from harming the wood.

If you have one installed, wait about a year before staining or painting a new fence. This will enable the wood-treating chemicals to dry out. When you paint your fence, you risk sealing in moisture if it isn’t completely dried. Rotting and decay can result from sealing in moisture. Your wood will be protected from termites and fungus by pressure treatment. Your wood, however, may experience swelling, shrinkage, cracking, and warping. Therefore, it’s important to remember that your fence will require maintenance.

Annual Inspection

Walk around your fence and check for rot or damage to maintain its lifetime. Replace any damaged boards, drive nails, or tighten screws as necessary. Check each piece of your wood fence is connected to the one before it in the right way. Verify that the posts are firmly embedded in the ground if any portions of the fence are sagging. The posts may need to be repaired if they are in poor shape. Additionally, ensure the hinges and latches on your gates are in place and securely fastened. If necessary, you can use automotive grease.

Pressure-treated wood is not completely waterproof. Therefore, whatever measures you take to keep moisture out will lengthen the life of your wood. You can also modify your sprinklers to prevent water from getting on your fence, rotting the wood, or causing moss to grow on the wood. Reduce the height of your bushes and vines so that they don’t cling to the fence. Shrubs can retain moisture and increase weight.

Clean Every 3-5 Years

To prevent dirt, moss, mildew, and graying, make sure to clean your wood fence every two to three years. Use a UV-blocking, water-repellent coating after this. Scrape off any moss or peeling paint until you can see your wood once more after making the necessary repairs. If you notice any mold on your fence, spray it with a solution that combines 20% bleach with 80% mild detergent before washing it. This will help eliminate any mold spores and stop them from reproducing. This is how long a wood fence last.

What To Know Before Having A Wooden Fence Installation

Would you like to have more privacy in your backyard? Are you trying to design the ideal space for grilling outside? Or are you more concerned about keeping pets and young children safe? Just a handful of the reasons for erecting a fence are listed below.

Before beginning this task, spend some time designing the installation of your fence. There are three crucial things you need to be aware of before having a fence installed at your property.

Mark Your Property Line

The property boundary may not be known to you or your neighbor. Check the borders of your property on your deed before building a fence. You can find a copy of your deed in your mortgage documents or by going to the nearby courthouse. There may even be some records available online.

Check Local Laws

Some cities require a permit to install a fence, while others do not. Some even have requirements for fence style, materials, and height. Always check with your local authorities to ensure you abide by all zoning regulations or ordinances before erecting a fence. 

If you find that the area you live in does have limitations on erecting a fence, submit a variance request. This statutory exception allows you to construct a fence or make adjustments to an existing one that may not otherwise be allowed by the zoning laws in your area.

Estimate Your Budget

Fence installation costs can differ significantly. Your fence’s price will vary depending on its design, construction, size, and ease of installation. Fortunately, many styles are also reasonably priced, making it simple for you to stick to your spending limit. 

If you decide to do this project on your own, make a material cost estimate for the posts, rails, pickets, concrete, screws, and other supplies you’ll need to finish the job. Using our fence installation cost guide, you may estimate how much money you’ll need to spend on materials to finish your fence project.


A project may appear easier than it actually is. Ensure you have the appropriate expertise and equipment before starting a DIY fence installation work. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a professional than to attempt a task on your own. Get a free fence installation consultation from Adron Fence. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then sit back, unwind, and let the pros install your fence.

Adron Fence helps you choose the ideal wooden fence for you, your family, and your property if your heart is set on getting one. Also, remember that choosing the ideal wooden fence involves finding and asking a lot of questions, but we assure you that the process will be fun.

We are confident you have already imagined the beautiful new wooden fence surrounding your home as well. Adron Fence is here to assist you in using your imagination to make your wooden fence dreams come true!

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