Design Options for Wrought Iron Gates

Design Options for Wrought Iron Gates

There’s a decent chance that high-quality wrought iron gates could outlast you. The average lifespan of wrought iron gates and fences could be more than 60 years when it’s all said and done. That’s double the time that most people will pay on their current mortgage. If you’re looking for a long-lasting fence material that you won’t have to worry much about, this might just be it and here are a few design options that you should consider. 

Straight top wrought iron gates

Straight top wrought iron gates are probably the most basic aesthetic when it comes to this fencing choice. The straight top descriptor refers to the iron work between rails which tends to be a bit simpler than other, more ornate versions. This style accompanies contemporary and modern homes nicely because of it’s minimalistic appearance.   

Arched top wrought iron gates 

Arched top gates are a traditional type of wrought iron design that incorporates arches between the rails. These arches can be very gradual or very defined and are a very common treatment for this type of fence. The wrought iron posts that make the arch can be very elaborate in some versions of the fence, or much simpler if that’s your preference.   

Combination of wood and iron

If you’re considering having a wrought iron gate installed on your property, you don’t have to box yourself into using only one material. Wood and iron can be combined to create a stunning entry gate that will stand the test of time and look great as it ages. You can work with a reputable and experienced fencing company to explore the options for wood and iron gates that fit your design aesthetic and taste best.  

Ornamental wrought iron

The beauty of wrought iron is really in the limitless possibilities of its appearance. The material can be shaped and formed in many ways producing a pleasing product that accentuates the best parts of your home and property. If you’re looking for something really special and with which you can really deliver a wow factor, an ornamental wrought iron gate might be just the right choice. 

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