5 Ways to Fence Your Home

5 Ways to Fence Your Home

You can add style and privacy around your home with just about anything these days. The traditional white picket fence look is slowly fading as new and unique ideas are coming into play. Have you thought about some ways that you’d like to fence your home? Whether you’re going with a traditional style or something artistic, here are some ways that you can add style and depth to your yard.


Pallet Fencing

This common fencing type is a must-have for most yards and is quite simple to install. Pallet fencing is just that: pallets that have been broken down and stacked to your desired fencing model. Whether you just want to fence a garden or a small part of your yard, or even a big part of your yard, pallets are durable and meet basic fencing needs. They aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of fencing design, and most of the time you’ll find them bordering farms or gardens, but they do provide structure and can be easily designed and painted to fit your desired look.


Vinyl Fencing

The “white picket fence” idea came from the look of the vinyl fence. This type of fencing has grown increasingly valuable and is available for a fraction of the cost of other expensive materials. Although it has a bad rap for appearing to be cheaper than other materials, nowadays modern vinyl is beautiful and durable with easy installation. It is very lightweight and won’t attract pests. That’s a good thing when you’re looking in Jupiter, South Florida for a reputable private fence installation expert to install this type of fencing. The vinyl is available in many colors and can be designed however you like.


Natural Barriers

Of course, there is always the option of using plant life as fencing. If you have a green thumb and patience, this could be an option for you. This type of “living fence” requires specific trees and shrubs as well as specific dimensions to properly fence your yard. It is a naturally sustainable way to boost your home’s value without paying a hefty price for real fence installation. Again, having a degree of gardening knowledge will only enhance the look of your yard and make it less time-consuming.


A privacy fence installation expert in Jupiter at Adron Fence can help you decide which fence will not only look best, but be a functional asset to your home. Contact them today for a free quote.

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