Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Garden Gate

A white arbor with pink flowers in the background.

Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Garden Gate

Your garden is your backyard oasis. Especially in the semi-tropical climate of Florida, having a beautifully maintained garden is something we all seek to do. Is there something missing in your garden? Maybe you need a garden gate to complete your Okeechobee yard. Here are five ideas for your garden gate this year: 


  1.   Metal Ornamental Garden Gate 

Adding a beautiful custom metal garden gate to your yard could be the little extra elegance you are looking for. A custom garden ornamental garden gate with a design that aligns with that of your home and yard can be a great addition. Metal garden gates are not only aesthetically pleasing but are very sturdy and long-lasting additions. 


  1.   Wooden Garden Gate 

A wooden garden gate is a very versatile addition to your backyard. Keep it classic with an unpainted wooden gate or add some color with a vibrantly painted one. Wooden garden gates are created for a whimsical feel in your yard and can be customized by type of wood, plank width, and hardware additions. 


  1.   Double Gates 

For an area wider than 5 feet, a double garden gate may work best. Because the space is wider having a double gate that swings open can be the best way to fill the space and provide functionality. Double garden gates can be customizable through the material, color and the way they open and close. Most double gates are metal but you can also choose wood or PVC. 


  1.   Flower Ornamented Garden Gate 

Adding more florals to the garden is always a good idea. With the addition of a garden gate, you can do just that. Plant flowers at the base of the gate or find growing vines that will cling to the gate and grow throughout it, like clematis plants. Any type of material can be used for a flower ornamented gate but metal seems to work best with growing vines. 


  1.   Separation of Space 

 One of the main functionalities of any garden is the separation of space it can provide. A garden gate acts as a natural divider for your garden and yard. Creating a separation of space can add a flowing layout to your backyard and also help to keep things unwanted in your garden, out. Adding a garden gate can help to keep your garden pristine and in top shape. 


You put so much work into your garden, making sure it’s everything you want it to only make sense. Adding a garden gate to your Okeechobee yard could be the design addition you have been waiting for. Looking to add a custom gate to your garden or property? Turn to Adron Fence for all your gate and fencing needs. Call 800-282-5172 today! 

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